Arnica Oil


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Arnica refers to a clan of flowering perennial plants from the daisy family (Compositae) that’s native to Europe and Siberia but also grows in North America, especially in mountainous regions. It is well-known for its use in natural medicine and is recognizable through its flowers, which have yellow petals and an orange center. Arnica flowers and roots have been used for hundreds of years as an herbal medicine. It was said that the German poet and philosopher Goethe consumed arnica tea to relieve chest pain. Arnica oil is well known for its pain-relieving and health-promoting properties. It’s definitely necessary to your first aid kit, if you’re prone to exercise-related injuries, such as bruises or sprains.


• muscle aches, spasms, pulled muscles or rheumatic pain (positive effect on muscle soreness)
• sprains, bruises and swelling due to fractures
• insect bites ( treat insect bites and stings, especially those that may lead to intense bruising and soreness)
• acne (not recommend applying on broken skin)
• hair loss (increase local blood circulation, thereby promoting hair growth)
• effective in relieving osteoarthritis pain