Black Pine Oil


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The Black Pine or “Darktree” (Pinus nigra) is a tall tree that reaches a height of 45 meters. The pine nuts are small and the needles have medium size. It is found in Southern Europe and in the mountains of northern African countries, with great intra-specific diversity. Its wood has a reddish color inside, of high-quality and is used in construction, shipbuilding and as a supportive pole of transmission cables. The essential oil of Black Pine is full of antioxidants and offers comprehensive anti-aging care for women and men who want to see their face lifted and elastic again. With the simple and regular application of the essential oil of Black Pine, we have as a direct result the tightening and strengthening of the loose tissues of the skin and the softening of wrinkles. Gradually, this oil offers remarkable vigor, strengthening the contours of the face as well.


• tightening
• direct lifting
• restoring volume
• wrinkle reduction
• action against spots
• increase elasticity & improve skin texture
• deep hydration