Argan Oil


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Argan oil is a vitamin E- and fatty acid-loaded oil derived from trees native, to Morocco, and it poses a bunch of benefits for hair and skin. Well known for high protection against sun damage, skin hydration, in retrospect, Moroccans used it to treat hair loss. Argan oil provides a good source of linoleic and oleic fatty acids, which are popular to support people’s health. Being a valuable source of vitamin E, it’s various phenolic compounds are likely responsible for most of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacities. Easy to use for skin protection, hair and cooking, it is indicated that argan oil may help in chronic illnesses prevention, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. It may also treat a variety of skin conditions.


• antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
• boost heart health
• may have benefits for diabetes
• anticancer effects
• reduce signs of skin aging
• treat some skin conditions
• wound healing
• moisturize skin and hair
• treat and prevent stretch marks
• acne