Flaxseed Oil


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Flax (Linum Usitatissimum), also known as linseed, is a member of the genus of Linum in the Linaceae family, cultivated in the cooler regions of the world for its fiber, edible seeds and oil. Its seeds can be ground into a meal or turned into oil, which is recommended as a nutritional supplement in many wood-finishing products. Flax fibers are used to make linen and the specific epithet “usitatissimum” means “most useful”. Flaxseed oil, also known as flax oil or linseed oil, is made from flax seeds that have been ground and pressed to release their natural oil.


• high in omega-3 Fatty Acids
• helps reduce cancer cell growth
• could benefit heart health
• treat constipation and diarrhea
• skin health
• reduce inflammation
• anxiety
• treat osteoarthritis


Flaxseed oil is likely safe for most adults when taken by mouth appropriately short-term.
Large doses, (more than 30 grams per day and higher) can cause loose stools and diarrhea. Allergic reactions have occurred while taking flaxseed oil in a large dose