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Rosemary, with the Latin name Rosmarinus officinalis, is evergreen, especialy aromatic it belongs to the family of Lamiaceae and is endemic of the Mediterranean regions. In the past they called it the “prince of the aromatic plants” and the name rosemary means dew of the sea from the Latin name <<ros marinus>>. In ancient Greece and Rome, they believed that rosemary enhance memory . This herb is very known and used as a spice because gives a wonderful flavor and aroma. The essential oil of rosemary is collected by steam distillation of the flowers and is used in aromatherapy


• Great for stimulating hair growth
• Antibacterial, and analgesic substance
• Reduces mental disorders and depression
• It is expectorant and helps in coughing and asthma
• Helps detoxify the body and reduce retention and cellulite
• Lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s and cancer
• Stimulating the nervous system, helps in memory
• Prevent premature aging