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Mint is an herbaceous aromatic plant that comes from the Mentha Piperita plant, which is related to the mint (Mentha Viridis or Mentha or the Green) and the Mentha Pylegium or Mentha or Pulegia. Its name derives from Greek mythology and specifically from the nymph Minthi, which Hades transformed into the aromatic plant “Kinia Mithini”. From antiquity to the present day, mint has been extensively used as a flavoring in cooking, winemaking and pharmaceutical. Mint is thought to have a positive effect on various types of stomach upset such as gastritis, enteritis and inflammation of the digestive tract


• Relief from muscle pain
• Eliminates bad breath
• Treats Nausea
• Boosts Energy
• Reduces Fever and cough suppression
• Best used for oily skin and acne
• reduce gastrointestinal distress
• Relieves Headache